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Welcome to The Share Guide, Northern California's free holistic health magazine and directory focusing on health and wellness, education, self-help, spirituality, and environmental awareness. Free holistic lifestyle information, alternative medicine resources, practitioner referrals, and self-help solutions. couple-sad
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Signs of Heart Attack
Changing Careers
Menopause Symptoms
Energy Medicine
 Hormone Imbalances

Herbal Remedies for PMS
Hidden Toxins in Your Home
 Meals that Reduce Inflammation
Tips for Avoiding Back Pain
Are You Depressed or Just Human?
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Emotions and the Holidays
Stuffing our feelings is a common response during the holiday season, but it's definitely not healthy! Sitting with someone you love and being unable to say what you are feeling can be excruciating.
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once again nut butter
TofurkyVegan Holiday Recipes
Healthy and tasty holiday dishes
doughnut-womanAre You a Sugar Addict?
Find the cause of your sugar cravings and how to stop them
Healthy Vacations
A guide to mindful journeys, eco-resorts, retreat centers and more

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